Carpet cleaning the phoenix restaurant

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Carpet cleaning the phoenix restaurant

Hi everyone, just wanted to make a quickvideo about a restaurant carpet cleaningthat we did for one of our commercialcarpet cleaning customers in PhoenixArizona.This is a very busy restaurant that seeslot of foot traffic. As you can imaginethe carpet gets really dirty .Carpet Cleaning

 They haveus out on a regular basis to perform arestaurant carpet cleaning so that theirfacility always looks it's best.This is a tool called the CX15. Thistool is designed specifically forcommercial carpet cleaning. 

 The CX-15 isby far the best option for commercialcarpet cleaning, especially in facilitiessuch as restaurants that have a lot ofdirt and grease build up. Take a lookat these results. We think that our workspeaks for itselfThis is the tool called the Rotovac.

It's not as powerful as the CX-15 butit's much more nimble. We use it to cleancommercial carpet in hard-to-reachareas. As you can see it does a prettystellar job.If you have a restaurant in Phoenix orany of the other surrounding cities thatmay need a commercial carpet cleaningplease give us a call. 

 We'll come out andprovide you with a Free No-ObligationEstimate. We are a fully bonded and insuredcommercial carpet cleaning company inPhoenix. We can help you impress yourguests by providing regularly scheduledrestaurant carpet cleaning services. 

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